This is your chance to get your own instructor for the day at the track day of your choice. This service from Focused Events enables you to improve your riding skills throughout the day, and be prepared to get faster and safer as the day progresses.

All of our instructors have passed our very own intensive training course at the beginning of the year. Having been on this course they have received expert tuition covering riding ability, circuit etiquette (managed by Niall Mackenzie and Kevin Healy), suspension advice (managed by Mick Grant), tyre maintenance and pressures (managed by Dunlop) and a first aid course (managed by St Johns Ambulance). In addition to this the instructors have a vast amount of knowledge and experience making them the ideal people to be showing you around the track.

Personal Instruction: Just you and your instructor in every session.

Personal instruction enables you to learn the circuit and the racing lines with the added bonus of that personal touch with a dedicated instructor. This means that the instructor can work with you on every little aspect to improve your riding as well as being able to spend more time with you sorting out any characteristics of your riding that you feel you need to work on.

This tuition is available at only £130.

The rewards of this service will be astounding and instantly noticeable. Whether you are a track day novice or a seasoned track day rider a days tuition will always help you to progress up a level or two and feel like you’ve made great improvements to your riding ability.

In order to achieve these gains you need to book up for instruction now as we really do have the tools and the people to help you get more from your time on track.

To arrange please call 01798 812 704 or hit the button