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Offroad Bike Events

Our European off road weekends are absolutely fantastic.

We can cater for beginners or experienced riders. For beginners we have a private area that is just for you, with easy to ride trails to start, we then progress you onto more difficult areas.

Everything is achievable and our instructors are on hand at all times with tips, tutoring and advice! After a day we will then be ready to take you out to the greatest off road area in Spain!

The Bikes

We use the awesome KTM 450EXC.

This is a bike that will go anywhere, from climbs to drops, river beds to easy trails, this machine takes it all in its stride, and if you have never ridden off road before, the power delivery is ideal for beginners as well.

For the more experienced rider or expert we have many routes that will test you and take you to unbelievable places including dry river beds, fantastic climbs, steep drops, we don't like dusty trails, so they are kept to a minimum.

We recommend you stay at a hotel in Mojacar which is 30 minutes from our off road start area and we can give you a great rate inclusive of breakfast and dinner.

Flights are advisable into Almeria (35 minutes to hotel) Murcia (1hr and 15 minutes to the hotel) Alicante (2 hrs to the hotel).

We would advise any time of the year except June to August as its simply too hot.

3 days riding is the maximum we offer and we cater for groups of 4 or more.

Priced at £175 per day, includes kit if required*, and 1 full tank of fuel to start

*(as long as your feet are not bigger than size 11)

For groups, please remember we have to cater for the least experienced rider, so if a beginner is in your group, all riders would spend day one in the training area.

To book call the office and ask for our General Manager 0845 026 7272

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