A Bikes on Holiday exclusive!

Introducing the Gold and Platinum Season Tickets!


  • 5 days on track at Almeria or Andalucía
  • With 5 adjoining nights in a 4-star hotel with breakfast included!

Only £599


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YES IT’S TRUE! AT CIRCUITO DE ALMERIA THE SUMMER NEVER ENDS…. These 10 day season tickets are fantastic value for…

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  • 10 days on track at Almeria or Andalucía
  • With 10 adjoining nights in a 4-star hotel with breakfast included!

Only £1099

How do they work?

We have 2 options with our season tickets, either Gold or Platinum, both are available to use on Almeria or Andalucía only.

Once purchased, you will have ultimate flexibility to book onto our events whenever suits you best!

So long as we’re in Almeria, there’s no reason you can’t be too! Pick your dates, book with the Office and you’re good to go. If we’re running a 6 day event but you can only join us on 2 days, no problem. Just let us know the specific dates and we’ll get you booked. For example, Almeria 4 Day Event – Booking just day 2? Sure! Booking days 2, 3 and 4? We’ve got you covered.

Book as many days as you like, whenever you like. It’s the most flexible way to book! And what’s even better? It’s valid for one year, starting from the first day you are physically on track. Buy now, ride later.

The season ticket also comes with hotel accommodation to match! At none-other than our 4 Star Mediterranean hotel, on the beach, The Hotel El Puntazo in Mojacar. Your accommodation will always be the night before your track day, unless specified otherwise!

You will get an equal amount of nights as track days included – extra nights can be added for an additional fee. This is based on the standard twin room share, with upgrades such as single rooms or non-rider packages available to add onto every booking!

My bike is on holiday – How do I book?

You can purchase a season ticket at any time! Book online via the website or give us a call during office hours to discuss.

As soon as your ticket has been purchased, booking is easy! Simply drop us an email to

Let us know the specific dates you would like on track and the nights you require in the hotel.

Be sure to include any additional upgrades and extras such as non-rider packages or the star rider clinic, so we can get your booking updated and provide a payment link for any outstanding balance.

Once we have you booked – we’ll send you a confirmation email to confirm your event and let you know how many days you have remaining on your season ticket!

Change your mind or have plans pop up unexpectedly? No problem. Just email us back to let us know and we can reinstate your track time at no extra cost! For any cancelations or transfers, we always ask for a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice so we can keep the hotel informed of changes, past this 2-week cut off, we may not be able to reinstate your accommodation so you may have to pay a supplement on your next booking.

My bike isn’t on holiday yet – how do I book?

The season ticket is an exclusive deal for all of our Bikes on Holiday customers… So first things first, let’s get your bike over to Almeria!

Book your first full event online! This includes track time, accommodation, and transport for your bike from and back to the UK – all for as little as £449!

Once your bike is in Almeria, and you’ve come to the end of your first full event, forget about the stillage – leave your bike and kit safely in the hand of our operations team who will put your bike into our highly secure storage facility at the circuit! For only £99 for up to 1 year – your bike is now on holiday!

That’s all there is to it! Now you can experience all the perks of being a BOH customer and book your first season ticket!

How do I get my bike home?

Remember the first event that you loved?

When you purchase a full event, this includes 1 return transport! But your bike has only had a one way trip so far, which means you have prepaid for your return transport home!

All you need to do now is let us know that your bike is feeling a tad homesick.. email the office with as much notice as possible and we’ll return your bike and kit back to your requested collection location on the next available transport.

Due to high demand, we can’t guarantee which return your bike will be loaded onto, so try to let us know as soon as you can!

Did your bike come home and is now missing the sun?

If your bike is then returned to the UK, we always recommend booking onto another full event to get your bike back on holiday! With transport only costs starting from £300, it’s a no brainer to pay the additional £150 to get the track time and accommodation too!

After all, it’s not fair for your bike to holiday alone?!