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Current Offers

Almeria / Andalucia Season Ticket

£899 for 10 days at Almeria and/or Andalucia - this is only £89 per day, including accomodation.

To buy our Season Ticket, you need to first have your bike in Spain. This means you have paid for a normal event previously which would include your bike being transported to and from Spain, or your bike is already in our storage from previous events.

You can then book a season ticket and take advantage of the £89 per day event including the hotel. After the season ticket finishes you can ask for your bike and kit to be returned or buy another and enjoy this great deal.

Bike storage in Spain

This is available to all our customers, however there are 2 rules attached to enjoy the advantages. Advantages include; no constant collection and drop in the UK, come and go as you please to our events, 10% discounts on your events up to a maximum discount of £50.00.

1. You can only use your bike on FE events whilst it's in our storage.

2. You will be requried to pay the £86 annual Insurance for the machine in Spain. This also gives you 15 days grace in the UK for collection, once your bike has been returned

Tyre deals: These are specific to events or until the tyre stock runs out. Please see your information pack for prices, you will recieve the pack 6 weeks before your event date.

Extra bike in transport

Solo Bike transport to and from Spain is £250 each way. If space is available. Plus €10 a day Insurance while awaiting collection in Spain.

Please note: you must be attending our event with a bike already to use this service, we cannot offer transport only.

Our Euro events are designed for Sports bikes only within the transport. If you book an event with a bike that is larger than Sports bikes type of machine ie: Tourer, Adventure, large Scooter, large naked. You will need to advise the office and there will be an additional charge.

Membership of our Euro Exclusive Club

From 1st September 2017 we have available membership of our Euro Exculsive club: first you will need to have attended 3 events within the 12 months from 1/09/17. To join there is a £100 fee. This then entitles you to the following

Free Drop and Collection outside the normal event logistics date (as long as it is agreed and within the drop timetable before the transport leaves the UK)

Laptimes on your events free after the event

50% off a 2 day Off road event with us in Almeria

All the above offers are automatically attached to the Terms and Conditions. 

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