Do you want to enjoy your track day in as much safety as possible?

Do you think riders should be able to book into any group they want?

Do you think riders should be able to book into the wrong group?

Do you want to be in the correct group?

Do you want less red flags?

Do you want safer and more quality days?

If you are beginning Track riding or are a seasoned Trackdayer, please read on.



After a substantial investment of over £100,000 to enhance safety and modernisation, it’s disappointing that other Trackday Operators still allow the public to decide where they should ride. For FE it’s simple – riders should be in the correct group for their own and everyone else’s safety!

Having tested the CHRONO system on our European events the feedback we received from you was a resounding ‘YES’. In 2012 we began rolling this out at selected events in the UK and today FE is almost 100% Chrono trackdays.

On our CHRONO days riders will be monitored and then allocated into the correct groups according to their times. This is particularly important to build up the confidence of newer riders by moving the faster ones into a more appropriate group and it makes for real quality tracktime for everyone

Ex-World Superbike Champion and committed Focused Events instructor Neil Hodgson has assessed the new timing system on our events and said, “Transponders add a fantastic and futuristic dimension to a trackday. Ultimately there is a massive range of ability on trackdays and this sorts group riders accordingly and accurately”.

Events operating the CHRONO system are clearly indicated on our UK BikeTrack Days page. Take a look at the list. If there was never a trackday before today, the first trackday tomorrow should automatically be a CHRONO event. It’s the future for better, more fun and safer trackdays!

Timing Transponders. How it works:

In the morning after you have signed on as normal you will then go to the fitting area. You will need a transponder bracket on your bike but don’t worry if you haven’t got one, we can supply these for a modest fee of £4. A small rechargeable transponder is easily fitted to your bike and works in conjunction with our timing system at the track and at the start / finish line. The small removable bracket can be kept to make things even quicker the next time round.

Every time you zip past the timing point on the start / finish line, your individually coded transponder sends a signal to a detector on the track and our system records the information.

This provides important information which builds an accurate picture of the riders on the event.

The group names Novice, Intermediate and Experienced will be finished – replaced by group names simply called 1,2 and 3 and your group will be based on ‘your level’ within that event.

Giving much better quality track time and safer riding.

The laps from the track day are kept and over time the rider data grows. In 18 months time we expect to be able to map out the events accurately right from the start !

Please remember that Chrono works because its covert, we do not give times,or any information during your event as to where you are in your group or the difference between the groups…..its a trackday after all and not a Race day

This is what some people have to say about our chrono days:

Well done on the new way of running days with a transponder. Fantastic idea and the way you will group people is excellent, Top stuff! See you soon’
Derek Kendall

‘I will feel a lot safer on circuit knowing I will be riding with people at similar speeds!’
Adrian Cole

for me its Chrono only…..only riders in my group who should be there, not because they feel they should be there, or could not get into the group they should be in !

We are really excited about taking track days forward once again. It’s good to ‘Stay Focused’.