Open the throttle with the BMW Motorrad Performance Academy.

We are delighted to partner with BMW Motorrad Performance Academy and offer this to our Focused Events family.

The BMW Motorrad Performance Academy course programme harnesses the skill and knowledge of BMW’s race-winning instructor team to deliver the very best on-track tuition. At BMW Motorrad Performance Academy, their expert team will guide you to the ideal course to ensure you’re always taking your skills to the next level.

Tailored Tuition For All Experience Levels

Our Performance Academy Instructors include some of the fastest racers in the UK who currently race or have previously raced BMW machinery at the highest level. Each course harnesses the skill, knowledge of these championship and race winners, drawing upon their years of hard work and dedication to aid you into becoming a faster, more capable, and ultimately, safer rider.

There are 2 levels of tuition to choose from:

Level One

Our Level One course is ideal for riders with no previous track experience, or those who may have attended track days without tuition.

Level Two

Our Level Two course is most suitable for riders with some track experience, looking to build on the core techniques and acquire more advanced skills