At Focused Events we have a range of machines for hire from Yamaha, Kawasaki and BMW. They are suitable for all abilities and are maintained to a high quality for safety and reliability. We are more than happy with them and know that you will be too. All bikes run on Dunlop UK tyres. We do not allow hire companies onto our events because in our experience their machines are poorly maintained and prepared for a track day. The machines Focused Events supply will be direct from the manufacturer and we only keep them for a maximum of 18 months.

There are two different prices: one for our UK events, another for our European events.

This could be your chance to try a fantastic 1000 Superbike on the track, these machines are all the latest models and, if you are a current track day rider, this would be a great way to experience the latest models or use our one-to-one instruction service which is a great way to hone your track day riding skills on some of the most powerful superbikes available.

Please contact us on 01798 812704 for our European prices.

For both UK and European events all hire bikes must be pre-booked before the event.

Why use our hire bikes

Our bikes are maintained to a high standard and they can take that initial worry out of your track day experience.

They are all track prepared, with tyres suitable for the conditions (UK only), for example wets are available. They have track bodywork and a tuned suspension set for circuit use.

Once you have booked your hire bike, your vehicle will be waiting for you in the Focused Events garage ready to ride. The bike will have a full tank of petrol which is included in the price (UK only) and after that you will need to pay for your fuel. You will be required to pay a deposit* on the day before you will be allowed out on the circuit.

*Note: Deposits differ for each category of bike and are either taken on the day, or can be taken over the phone before the event by calling the office. Any damage caused will forfeit all the deposit. Please see below for details. We reserve the right to change or terms, conditions and indemnity values at any time.

For European events Hire bike pricing is less expensive, but hirers are responsible for all damage, tyres and fuel:

  • £295 per day for a 600cc 
  • £350 per day for a 1000cc 

The machines will have received a rigorous 21 point safety check, before the day. Tyre pressures will be set and checked by our qualified tyre technicians and all you will have to do is sign on for the day and complete the disclaimers.

The customer will need to fit a new set of tyres on arrival for the machine

You can book your hire bike online or over the phone, or for full details please call us on 01798 812704. Book early to guarantee availability.

UK Hire Bike Pricing (includes track day cost):


  • £449 Weekday
  • £515 Weekend
  • £1800 Indemnity

BMW S1000RR 

  • £549 Weekday
  • £595 Weekend
  • £2500 Indemnity

Please note we need 24 hours notice for online bookings and your bike hire may not be available if booked online over a weekend as the office is closed and the bikes will not be prepared ready for the track day.

Where hire bike models are fitted with adjustable settings THEY MUST NOT BE CHANGED. Anyone who is found to have altered the settings will not be allowed back on track and all monies paid will be forfeited.  If a customer changes the settings on the machine and then damages the machine they will be responsible for all damage caused and with no limit. 


Note: Images of the hire bikes are representative of the models available but not the exact specification.

Thank you for reading this and we hope to see you in our pitlane soon

For a quote call 01798 812 704 or email