What is an ATA Carnet?

An ATA Carnet is a customs document that permits us to temporarily move your goods into the EU without paying extra duties and taxes, providing ALL goods return. This is a passport for your goods.

To facilitate this, we require the information requested below and a security guarantee which is paid to the Chamber of Commerce as an assurance that your goods will be returned.

How To Complete The Excel Sheet

  • Description of goods and marks and numbers – First item must be the motorcycle with VIN Number, Engine Number or Chassic Number.
    • Description of goods, identifying features and numbers – Serial numbers on every item if possible. Include detailed description especially if there is no serial number, please include the brand of item, the colour and the size. If there is no serial number, state (NSN).
    • Tool bags/kits – Your bag must be listed as its own item (with the weight, value, etc.), on separate lines below you must write ‘kit bag item: xxxxx’ and follow this step for each item in your bag. Example is attached.
  • Number of Pieces – State numerical quantity only
  • Weight – State as accurately as possible in numerical. All weights must be measured in KG ONLY. Please list the wet weight of your bike in this column.
  • Value – Numerical input only. This should be current value in sterling (do not input £).
  • Country of Origin – It is imperative this is accurate as possible. Enter two letter country code, see sheet two of the Excel spreadsheet for abbreviations. Must be UPPER CASE. Note UK is GB.
  • Goods Type ID – See sheet 3 of the Excel spreadsheet and determine nearest fit.


Fuel cans are prohibited for health and safety reasons. These are available to hire at the circuit for a small fee. All machines must also be as empty as possible.

Things to be aware of:

  1. We ask that no personal clothing is taken, only sportswear/professional clothing for the event will be accepted so please take these kind of items in your hand luggage.
  2. The shrink wrap that is used to wrap your stillage must NOT be packed as this is a consumable.
  3. If your bike does not have a VIN number or reg, please state the engine number on the bike. If you cannot find this you will be required to get your bike stamped/marked.
  4. You must remember to include your bike straps on your ATA Carnet, along with the length of the straps.
  5. You must send your ATA Carnet back to us as an excel spreadsheet only. We cannot accept PDF documents, print outs, photos, hand-written submissions, or any other form of submission than the Excel sheet.
  6. Once your ATA Carnet has been submitted we are unable to make any changes so you must make sure it is correct, nothing can be added.

If you have added something you are no longer taking, this can be removed once submitted, but no items can be added.

If something is found in your stillage that was not listed on your carnet form, security at the port will hold the entire vehicle for up to 14 days, meaning the whole event will be cancelled and you will be fined for the delay caused.

The monetary values entered onto the Carnet document are used to calculate the Chambers Security Guarantee therefore MUST be of accurate value. Do not overprice. This amount does not relate to the value of Transportation Insurance cover provided by Focused Events.

We require a security to be lodged with the issuing Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is required to take security to cover any customs claim that might result from an improperly used carnet. The Compliance Fee calculated at the time you apply for a carnet will ensure you are compliant with the Chamber security requirements.

The level of security is dependent on the destination country, for how long and the type of goods.

Focused Events will include the premium fee up to the value of £10,000 per rider in the event cost, the cost thereafter is £2.50 per thousand over the £10,000. The fee must be paid prior to bike drop off.

You will pay a non-refundable premium via the Carnet Security Scheme operated by the Chamber of Commerce (similar to house insurance). Using CSS, a non-refundable, one off payment means we can provide this service without ‘freezing’ of assets or funds.

Carnet Discharge

The original Carnet must be surrendered when the goods are re-imported into the UK. Anything that is shown on the Carnet must be returned to the UK within the same state.

You will not be able to add any additional items to your stillage upon its return. Any unauthorised extras will be confiscated at the ports.