Brad Turner 12/12/14 : "thanks FE again for another brilliant and safe event"

Michael Foster 01/01/2015 : "just a line to say that after 10 years as a customer, its obvious you never rest on getting it better. i love the Chrono events and they just keep it safe and real quality as well..i had a day with Neil Hodgson as well and it made my track holiday perfect !. looking forward to the next one !"

Ian Glen 02/02/2015 : "Brillaint trip Kev, thanks to you and the team"

Gary May 19/03/2015 : "thanks to barry and the team, my bike was broke after day 1 with an engine issue, and the FE team, came to the rescue with a bike...so brilliant 3 days on track and looking forward to seeing you in the uk...and love the timing as well. everything perfect and everyone in the right groups as well"

Pete Alexander 15/5/2015 : thanks FE and BMW for a brilliant day with track and training..i loved tehtrack and learnt so much. see you again. PA "

Barry Brent : 06/06/2015 : great to see to see you at Peterborough with Yamaha ..rally enjoyed the MT 09 and bought one yesterday, a rally the same as the demo "

Tom O'neil 30/06/2015 : "what a fantastic day at Donny, no red flags and i love the chrono,the other companies were as slick, proffesional and safe as FE"