Come and join us at Donington Park on the full Grand Prix Circuit

3 Groups and a Chrono day as well for maximum and safe tracktime

This is a 98 decibel day

Which means your machine must be within the 98 db drive by rule for the day

All machines must have either a baffle fitted or be on an original Road system

The great advantage of our 98 db days are the groups are 30% smaller than a 108db day, so your tracktime be along with our Chrono system will be of the best quality available.

Donington Park Grand Prix Race Circuit, near Nottingham has always been one of the most dramatic Race circuits in the UK

From Redgate corner and all the way back to Goddards, each 2.5 mile lap will have exciting corners and straights that are coloured with historic Races from the past and daring over-takes.

The names that will come to mind, are Craner Curves, the Old Hairpin, Swantz Curve, Macleans, Foggy Esses, and of course the Melbourne loop !

Easy to get to from either the M42, M6 or M1

And why not book a discounted breakfast or lunch with us as well !

  • 6 Spaces Available
  • Noise Limit: 98db
  • 3 Groups on this event
  • Only £129.00 per rider
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